Activity heatmaps in beta testing

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View heatmap for kill/death ratio and games played on a daily basis, for the current month and previous two months.

Date range of statistics

Only matches gathered by the site can be used. All matches are processed to include certain statistics on a daily basis. Note:

  • All matches are placed into days based upon UTC timezone.
  • Statistics show for matches gathered only.

Understanding the heatmap

The heatmaps are customised for each individual player. All of the matches in the database are split into five categories ranging from the least amount (lightest colour) through to the most amount (darkest colour).

On days that no matches have been played, that will be noted.

Example heatmap of kill/death ratio and games played.

Hovering over a cell on a computer will display specific information for that day. Clicking on a cell on a tablet/phone will display specific information for that day.

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